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Buying or Refinancing?
Let Creative Capital's 20 years
of personalized service in the industry
work for you!

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Douglas, MI: 269.857.2500 

Royal Oak, MI: 269.857.2500


For nearly 20 years, Creative Capital Inc has served clients throughout the state of Michigan. Specializing in:


  • New Purchase

  • Refinancing

  • Rural Development

  • Veteran's Administration

  • FHA

  • Federal Relief Programs (HARP)

  • New Construction Loans

  • Pre-Approvals

  • Free Analysis Of Your Current Mortgage

Our Services
NMLS# 160327

“It’s one of the biggest decisions you’re going to make in your lifetime and it should be a happy occasion.”

I have been handling client’s mortgages for 20 years, as owner of Creative Capital Inc., My extensive financial background and a focus on customer service has earned the credentials that built Creative Capital’s rock solid reputation.

When you apply for your mortgage you can be assured that I will take good care of you, never leaving you alone during the process. I handle the loan from beginning to closing, working at resolving problems along the way should they arise, and close your loan.

One of the main reasons a borrower should seek out a mortgage broker vs a bank is the options that I have available to help you obtain a loan. When you go into a bank you have to fit your scenario into their programs. I have the ability to customize programs to fit your specific loan scenario, along with lower closing costs and interest rates. 

Meet Peg Matthews

We have used Creative Capital twice and Peg was straight forward and extremely efficient both times. We would recommend her and Creative Capital to anyone.

                                          ~ M. Peri

Very professional

Great people

Would highly recommend

                                     ~ C. Noble

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